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Do you have a sound business plan/feasibility study on a project that you would like to embark on but lack the required fund? Research has shown that lack of fund is the single greatest factor which inhibits the establishment of new businesses and the growth of existing ones.

Finance is no doubt the life blood of any business and due to popular demand we have decided to prepare a manual which deals on how to apply and package your loan application and most importantly little-known source of finance in Nigeria apart from banks, insurance etc. For our clients that have purchased our business plan / feasibility study, these manual would also be important.

It is first that we define the concept of loan. Loan are funds that organizations like banks lends to there customers for the purpose of making profit. It is usually taken from a plus region to a negative region. It is importance of the profitability of the business because if the business is not profitable, the lender would not to be able to secure back their invested funds.

To take a loan means you are using other people’s money {OPM} and to be successful with the use of OPM, the basic principle is that you will operate on the highest ethical standard of integrity, honour, loyalty and consent. A dishonest man is not entitled to credit.

The key to financial success today is being able to get the money you need for your business. In today’s inflammatory period, money is what makes or breaks you in business. Our manual is aims mainly at exposing these sources of finance which includes venture capitalist in Nigeria.

The table of content of the manual is given below.

Ø The concept of loan and types of loans.

Ø How to build your credit reputation

Ø How to prepare a winning loan package

Ø Do’s and don’t when contacting the financier

Ø Details of financiers

Ø Summary/ Conclusion.

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