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Short code business involves the use of short message service {SMS} short code numbers in deploring value added services {VAS} to GSM subscribers across the network.

The service deducts certain amount of money as specified by the value added service {VAS} provider from the airtime credit of the GSM subscriber that responds to their campaigns.

The money deducted is shared between the GSM operator, the VAS provider and the entrepreneur according to the sharing formula agreed upon.

The entrepreneur requires a computer with internet connection in order to monitor the number of response to their campaign from the subscriber.

With over fifty million {50,000,000} subscribers in Nigeria, the short code number business have a large, expanding and above all sustainable market. SMS is easy to use, accessible and fast means of communication and at such getting subscribers to respond to campaigns would not a difficult task.

Short code number business in Nigeria can be deplored in different spheres of human endeavor to include football, religion, entertainment, business, travel poem lovers etc.

Short code number works in such a way that when subscribers respond to your campaign , it automatically retrieves stored information which could be flight schedule, poem of the day and sends same to the subscriber, whom would billed according to the agreed sum.

It is important to note that the entrepreneur can generate revenue from the money deducted from the subscribers as well as from SMS advertising. SMS advertising is a situation where the entrepreneur sends adverts to the phone numbers retrieved from the short code campaign on behalf of companies/ government and their agencies in order to promote there ideas, product ,vision goods and services.

This services are of course rendered for a fee. A very good example is the case of federal government sending text message to Nigerians on the 19-03-2009 that reads, NIGERIA: Good People, Great Nation.

Our sister company 365 campaigner is a dynamic mobile and e-mail marketing service company providing bespoke and innovative short code, bulk SMS and e-mail messaging solutions to our clients.

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