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So much has been said and written about the investment opportunities in the agricultural sector in Nigeria especially in crop, livestock and fishery production to the disadvantage of the forestry sub sector. This situation has lead to the forestry sub sector contributing only 3% of the over 40% presently been contributed to the gross domestic product of the country by the agricultural sector.

This can be attribution to lack of information / interest and investment in the sub sector for a very long time. Forestry apart from providing us with industrial wood can also be used for leisure purpose. One of the products can be gotten from forest is bamboo.

Bamboo is a grass plant with hard hollow stem. They are the largest members of the grass family and are mainly found in the tropical region. Bamboos are some of the fastest growing plants in the world and they are of economic and cultural significance as a food source, building material and a versatile raw product.

One of the uses of bamboo is the production of tooth picks. Tooth picks is a small stick of wood , plastic , bamboo or other substance used to remove detritus from the teeth usually after a meal.

The product is not subject to expiry timelines and there are two models toothpick production lines. One is bamboo toothpick production line and wooden toothpick production line.

Some of the equipment required for the production of tooth pick includes

1 Sawing Machine (bamboo) 1
2 Bamboo Dissection Madhine 1
3. Flaker 1
4 Fix and turn on one slice of machines thick and definitely wide 1
5 Bamboo filament shaping machine 1
6 Bamboo filament set-size machine 1
7 Toothpicks Polishing Machine 1
8 Toothpicks set-size Machine 1
9 Toothpicks mincing Machine (unicuspid or two side) 1
10 Multi sharpen machine

Typically the production process for toothpick can be divided into three [3} namely the log stage, the billet state and the finishing. A detailed analysis of each of the stages is given below.

The Log Stage

The process of making a toothpick begins with birch logs. The logs are lifted by grippers into a de-barker, which in two passes of the blade creates a smooth, barkless cylinder. The log is then transported into the unraveling machine, which strips the log like paper (1.06 mm thick) using 12 blades.

The Billet Stage

The end result of the unraveling machine is a billet. A billet (1.8 kilos) is manually removed and carried to a puncher. The puncher cuts identical toothpick strips at the rate of 8,000 toothpicks per second. The end result, however, is a small, soft piece of wood.

The Finishing Stage

These soft toothpicks are hardened in a dryer for 12 hours and then polished using talcum powder and friction for another four hours. The hardened toothpicks then pass through a sifter that removes damaged toothpicks. The acceptable toothpicks are sorted into a blower and conveyor that counts and packages them at the rate of 747,500 per hour.

The finished product can be packed in plastic containers in different sizes to suit the demands of the market.

The market for toothpick in Nigeria is large and sustainable with a national population of 165,000,000 people. With most of the tooth pick products in the market been imported, the investor can be assured a ready market for the product.

Some of the likely buyers include hotels, restaurants, household etc.

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