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In mining, Nigeria is known to have records of occurrences tin, columbite, tantalite, lead and zinc. In fact, mining in Nigeria he said to have started with mining of tin ore in 1905.

Though mining in Nigeria started in 1905, the industry only accounts for 0.3% of the nation’s GDP. The domestic mining industry is underdeveloped, leading to the importation of some industrial minerals that the country has in abundance.

One such mineral with great industry use and but largely underdeveloped in Nigeria, is gypsum. About one billion tones of gypsum deposits are spread over many sites in Nigeria. It is an important input for the production of cement. It is also used for the production of Plaster of Paris (P0P) and classroom chalk, etc.

Nigeria with her current population estimated at over one hundred and sixty five million {165,000,000} growing at a rate of 3.5% per annum has a short fall in the supply of housing units that has been estimated to be between 16 – 17 million, has a growing and sustainable market for cement and plaster of Paris {POP} ,hence gypsum.

With an economic growth rate of 5.7% per annum in the past five {5}years ,Nigeria has witnessed a growth in the number of middle class families with the associated need to have a home of their own ,thereby further deepening the market in Nigeria.

In order to encourage foreign direct investment, create employment and increase capacity utilization, the government in 2003 introduced a backward integration policy in the cement industry during which period over ten billion dollars {$ 10,000,000,000} has been invested on capacity development which has brought about five hundred percent {500%} increase in output, though there is still a supply gap of between three – five million {3,000,000 – 5,000,000} tones of cement annually.

Being a key input in cement production, a strategy for large scale mining gypsum is urgently required to sustain existing cement plants and meet future expansion.

In order to encourage investment, government has put in place various incentives in the solid minerals industry like

  • 3-5 years Tax Holiday
  • Deferred royalty payments
  • Possible capitalization of expenditure on exploration and surveys
  • Extension of infrastructure such as roads and electricity to mining sites, and provision of 100% foreign ownership of mining concerns.

You can also order our detailed feasibility report on gypsum mining and plaster of paris (POP) production in Nigeria by clicking on the link below.

Report Title: Gypsum Mining and Gypsum Powder (Plaster of Paris) Production in Nigeria; The Feasibility Report.


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