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Bulk SMS business in Nigeria, a country with over sixty five million {65,000,000} GSM subscribers has witnessed a lot of growth in recent times especially during the just concluded elections where politicians and political parties deployed same trying to convince the electorates to vote in their favour.

Bulk SMS allows for the sending of a particular message to hundreds and even thousands of persons with just a click of the mouse. It can be deployed for individual, corporate, academic and religious purposes.

The market for bulk SMS in Nigeria is both national and international though I would advice that the client concentrate on the local market. With a population of over one hundred and sixty five million{165,000,000} people, estimated national population growth rate of 5.7% per annum and an average economic growth rate of 3.5 % in the past five {5} years, Nigeria has a large ,expanding and sustainable demand for telecommunication services{ bulks SMS} .

Bulk SMS service providers can be classified into two broad categories namely SMS gateway providers and SMS resellers/ brokers.

  • SMS gateway provider: An SMS service provider provides an SMS gateway for its users to send SMS messages to. This SMS gateway will then route the SMS messages to another SMS gateway or SMSC.
  • SMS reseller / SMS broker: SMS service providers buy a large amount of SMS messages from a lot of wireless carriers at a low price per SMS message. They then sell the SMS messages at a price higher than the cost.

An SMS service provider is a business entity that provides SMS messaging services but is not a mobile network operator. It acts as a middleman between mobile network operators and SMS service users. An SMS service provider signs agreements with a lot of mobile network operators to obtain their permission to exchange SMS messages with their mobile networks, and offers an interface for users to send and receive SMS messages.

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