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The Recent entrance of Mediterranean Consulting Company {MCC} S.A of Switzerland to acquire up to $20 Billion 25 years notes in form of certificate of deposit {CD’S},bond or medium term notes {MTN} in the infrastructural financing market in Nigeria through public-private partnership is a testimony of the size and economic viability of the infrastructural supply market in Nigeria .

Public-private sector partnership (PPP) is a strategic partnership between government and the private sector that leverages on the strength of both parties in the provision of socio-economic infrastructure for the benefit of all. In this relationship, government is expected to create the right investment climate for the private sector to succeed while the private sectors (investors) are expected to bring to bear their expertise, fund and resource.

With government limited resources and lack of managerial skills, public-private sector partnership presents the best option for government in the provision of infrastructure for her citizen at the best cost obtainable.

Similar relationship exist in the United States of America, Canada and Europe where the government have tapped into the resources of the private sector in the development of their infrastructure and it is on these basis that government especially at the federal and state levels in Nigeria seeks for interested private sector companies or individuals local and international to partner in the provision of infrastructure.

Infrastructural provision is key to the economic development of any nation and if the vision 20:2020 of being amongst the top 20 economies in the world by 2020 is to be achieved, Nigeria most create the right investment climate for private investment to thrive because research as shown that government would not be able to provide the infrastructural needs of the country in a reasonable amount of time.

Nigeria has one of the fastest growing economies in the African continent. The country is located 50 degrees north of the equator covering an area of 923,968 square kilometers. It has boundaries with the following countries/locations: North –Republic of Niger, South –Atlantic Ocean, East-Republic of Cameroon, and west-Republic of Benin.

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