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Waste Polythene Material Grinding And Sales In Nigeria; The Feasibility Report.

Waste Polythene Material Grinding And Sales In Nigeria; The Feasibility Report.


Recycling is an economic development tool as well as an environmental tool. Reuse, recycling, and waste reduction offer direct development opportunities for communities.


Waste plastic materials can be divided into two broad categories namely

1. Low Density
2. High Density

Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is a thermoplastic made from petroleum and is commonly recycled and has the number “4” as its recycling symbol. LDPE is defined by a density range of 0.910–0.940 g/cm3. It is not reactive at room temperatures, except by strong oxidizing agents, and some solvents cause swelling. It can withstand temperatures of 80 °C continuously and 95 °C for a short time. Made in translucent or opaque variations, it is quite flexible, and tough but breakable. Examples of low density material are pure water sachets and cellophanes bags.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polyethylene high-density (PEHD) is a polyethylene thermoplastic made from petroleum. It takes 1.75 kilograms of petroleum (in terms of energy and raw materials) to make one kilogram of HDPE. HDPE is commonly recycled, and has the number “2” as its recycling symbol. . An example of high density material is the one used in packaging pure water sachets.

It is important to state that not all plastic is considered economically viable.

Below is the list of materials accepted in the recycling business

Shopping Bags
Laundry Bags
Pure Water Sachets
Yogurt Wrappers
Soft Poly Bags
Hospital Drip Bags
Pop Corn Wrapper
Bread Wrapper

Below is the list of materials NOT accepted in the recycling business.

Indomie Noodles wrapper
Detergent Bags
Biscuit Wrappers
Milk Sachet
Tea Wrapper
Poly Propylene Bags

The production capacity of the proposed business is 500 KG per day.

With this report the prospective investor would be able to

1. Identify the market trend

2. Identify potential buyers of the commodity

3. Understand the financial analysis of the business

4. Identify the legal requirement of the business

5. Understand the product specification required by buyers

Report Details

Report Type: Feasibility Report
Formats of Delivery: MS WORD
No. of Pages: 35
Product Code: FORA/08/2011/042/0564
Publisher: Foraminifera Market Research
Release Date: 16/10/2013; Updated Every 3- Months
Language: English
Delivery time: 24– 48hours

Table of Contents

Table of Content


Business Overview

1.1 Description of the Business
1.2 Vision and Mission Statement
1.3 Business Objective
1.4 Value Proposition
1.5 Critical Success Factor of the Business
1.6 Current Status of Business
1.7 Description of the Business Industry
1.8 Contribution to Local and National Economy

Marketing Plan

2.1 Description of product
2.2 Product Packaging and delivery
2.3 The Opportunity
2.4 Pricing Strategy
2.5 Target Market
2.6 Distribution and Delivery Strategy
2.7 Promotional Strategy
2.8 Competition

Production Plan

3.1 Description of the Location
3.2 Raw Materials
3.3 Production Equipment
3.4 Production Process
3.5 Production Cost
3.6 Stock Control Process
3.7 Pre-Operating activities and expenses
3.7.1 Operating Activities and Expenses
3.8 Milestones

Organizational and Management Plan

4.1 Ownership of the business
4.2 Profile of the promoters
4.3 Key Management Staff
4.3.2 Management Support Units
4.4 Details of salary schedule

Financial Plan

5.1 Financial Assumption
5.2 Start up Capital Estimation
5.3 Source of Capital
5.4 Security of Loan
5.5 Loan Repayment Plan
5.6 Profit and Loss Analysis
5.7 Cashflow Analysis
5.8 Viability Analysis

Business Risk and mitigation factor

6.1 Business Risks
6.2 SWOT Analysis

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