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Feasibility Report On Brokerage Services In The Downstream Oil And Gas Sector In Nigeria.

Feasibility Report On Brokerage Services In The Downstream Oil And Gas Sector In Nigeria.


The oil and gas sector is one that has a great importance in the Nigerian economy and it has also empowered the nation as a force to reckon with by making her the sixth largest oil producer in the world as at today.


However, not after long the agricultural bliss then the discovery of oil and gas came to the limelight and trust me it was a great amazement on the colossal foreign exchange that this resource generated for the country at that time and from then it lead to the era of the oil boom and this was indeed a fascinating era which empowered the nation so much that she was able to develop and build the nation as a whole. Ever since then, Nigeria has been wooed by many foreign investors due to this resource also known as black gold due to its high demand in the world.

Let us sit and ponder what the world will be like without oil? Your guess is as good as mine it is better imagined than experienced! The whole world today is driven by oil and gas from energy generation, powering all types of vehicles, machinery, boilers for industries, aviation kerosene for powering airplanes, bitumen for road construction works and projects, gaseous distillates used in the production of liquefied petroleum gases(LPG), lubricants for oiling different engine parts and also prevent wear and tear,  petrochemicals which are important units and monomers for industrial purposes, production of plastic chairs etc the list just goes on.

In-addition to this, black gold also came along with its curse with incidents of oil pollution in areas of production, marginalization, degradation of the areas has suffered most in this regards.  The oil and gas sector is one that is made up of three sectors the mainstream, midstream and downstream and they have all been able to create employment opportunities, generate income foreign exchange inclusive, economic development and sustenance.

However, due to the high capital intensive nature of oil and gas businesses irrespective of the sector that maybe mentioned from areas such as exploration and production, freighting, trading, refining, storage, marketing, sales, operations etc are all very capital intensive so let us examine a scenario  for instance I want to go into supplying oil rigs gasoil(refined gasoil) to power them and I am looking at executing a project like securing a purchase order to give them 1,000 mt in about a fortnight trust me doing such a delivery will bring in mouth watering profits but you would be requiring a start of capital of between N150-N200 million to execute such a project, other areas such as deliveries of refined oil products looking at a standard 33,000 liters truck will range from at least N2million and above depending on the grade of product. As at today banks in Nigeria are not helpful not ready to finance first timers who want to go into businesses especially oil and gas where a lot of fingers had been earlier burnt due to so many reasons which include lack of professionalism, poor planning, not ploughing back profits back into the business, utilization of bank funding into other projects different from what your proposal stated and so many other factors. Thus banks are not friendly these days and make a lot of requests which include:

(1) Opening an account with them
(2) Having a track record of the intended business
(3) Your statement of account from other banks that you have
(4) The killer of them all is the bank charges that are unbelievable and will not allow your business to grow which will also erode your profit and also eat into your capital.

One important thing to note is that the secret of oil business is not in the margin you make on each liter but the volumes you can drive or do and to crown it all the consistency of your game plan will ensure that you are always smiling and happy and this way you will be able to stand on your feet in the shortest possible time as it is said and a well known fact that little drops of water make a mighty ocean.

A lot of big names we have today in the industry started by brokering various forms of transactions and as at today they have been able to be financially independent and also become employers of labour doing exceptionally well. The good thing about the oil and gas sector is that creates a room for flexibility with you making good money even from the comfort of your home. This report will crave our indulgence and at the same time empower us in some ways on how we can tap into various sectors of the oil and gas sectors through the aspect of being a broker.

A broker is someone that connects either a buyer to a seller or vice-versa, or aids in the execution of a transaction making it feasible and successful and it should be noted that at the end of the day the broker makes a commission as his reward for his efforts in the end. There are many opportunities that exist in the oil and gas industry and many brokers have used this opportunity to build vast business empires today. In this report we will look at how you can broker and what type of transactions and business opportunities that you can with little or no capital and secure steady sources of income. There are many opportunities but for this report we will take a look at the opportunities that have been mentioned here-under and they include:

-importation of refined petroleum products
-exportation of crude oils
-tank cleaning projects
-oil waste management and pollution control
-securing purchase orders on behalf of clients
-consultancy services in any of the sectors of the oil industry
-handling storage agreements
-brokering in vessel chartering services
-brokering haulage transactions in the oil and gas sector
-handling bulk purchases of refined petroleum products from tanks and storage facilities

We actually know that there are still many more openings and brokering services that one can execute in the oil and gas industry but for this report we will just lay emphasis on the ones that have been mentioned above. If one can kick start this process one will be able to generate some good income and a good track record that sooner than later you will be able to create a good track record and you get the banks soon running after you to come take a facility with them.

This report highlights the following:

•    How to brokers the above mentioned services mentioned above
•    The basic requirements needed to commence such brokering services
•    How to commence such services
•    Some contacts that will be helpful in commencing such a business venture.

Report Details

Report Type: Feasibility Report
Release date: September, 2013; Updated Every 3- Months
Number of pages: 37 pages
Language: English
Format of Delivery: MS WORD
Product Code: FORA/2013/300/1082/73524
Delivery time: Within 24– 48 hours of payment confirmation

Table of Contents


1. Introduction
• Business Opportunity
1.2 Country Background

2. Technical Analysis
2.1 The Project
2.2 Product Description
• Product Location and Distribution
• Legal Considerations

3. Opportunity

3.1 Market Overview
3.2 Demand and Supply
3.3 Customer Profile
3.4 Primary Competition

4. Socio- Economic and SWOT Analysis of the Project
4.1.1 Generation of Employment
4.1.2 Source of Government Revenue
4.1.3 Foreign Exchange Generation
4.2 SWOT Analysis

5. Risk Identification and Mitigation Strategy
5.2 Critical Success Factor

6. Financial Analysis

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